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Check our site to verify pricing, and to book nightly stays, at

Prices vary from weekdays to weekends, and we do require a two-night minimum. Rates may vary slightly depending on the season, but, generally speaking, a weekend (Friday and Saturday nights) is typically $210 per night plus taxes and Airbnb fees. Weeknights are normally $135 per night, plus taxes and Airbnb fees. We do offer discounts for longer stays. (We are required to collect applicable taxes and Airbnb fees, and those will be calculated when you book online through Airbnb.)

You will be renting the entire Mercantile building, and we rent to only one group at a time, so you will be safe and only with people you know.

Airbnb bookings are only for your private use, as a residential stay for a maximum group of six, and are not for events or for larger parties. (We sometimes make exceptions for larger families.) You may not sublet or commercialize the property in any way.

If you’re interested in booking for a wedding, an event, a party, or a larger group, please call or text James Turner at 615-335-6944 or email at

Master Bedroom

Is there room to park my boat or RV?

Yes. When you rent the Mercantile you’ll have plenty of room for boats, horse trailers, or recreational vehicles.

Our smaller (slightly) bedroom. Great art, private bath.

What about eating, shopping, etc.?

We kept the original truss system.

In Granville we have two restaurants. Just across the street from the Mercantile is the Ben Sutton store, and there—from Wednesday to Saturday—you can get breakfast and lunch, coffee and ice cream. They also carry some interesting knick-knacks—an eclectic mix. On Saturday nights there’s almost always a catered supper available (very popular, so book in advance), usually with some great bluegrass, country, or gospel music. More information and a list of upcoming events is available from Historic Granville. By the way, the Sutton store is not to be missed, an interesting old building that has earned its spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our other option is the restaurant at Wildwood Resort, just a mile away from downtown. Wildwood has fantastic burgers, BBQ and more, with a full bar and indoor and outdoor seating. You can often catch some great music over there, as well. Operating dates and times (and a menu) are online at Wildwood Resort. 

The Mercantile Building

There are two bedrooms at the Mercantile. Both have queen beds, and each bedroom has its own bathroom. The bathrooms are on the smaller side, due to the architecture required in the century-old building, but with full-sized tub-shower combinations. There’s also a half bath in the Great Room. And of course, you’ll have what you want most: clean sheets, covers laundered with each stay, and soft towels.

The kitchen has a large refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. We also have glasses, plates, coffee maker, corkscrew, and cooking utensils—everything we can anticipate that you might need. We also have a full-sized washer and dryer in the utility closet of the kitchen. The kitchen also has a daybed, perfect for overnight sleeping or daydreaming.

Wet bar, pool table, half bath.

Parking is usually a simple thing in Granville. When you rent the Mercantile you are getting access to plenty of parking, practically the entire block. But on Saturdays and during our local festivals people tend to park on the curbside of our property. So, when you rent the property, we will have dedicated parking next to the building. You may have to move our traffic obstacles, a downside to being in the most popular spot in town.

You never know in Granville

Internet and Phone

We have free wifi in the Mercantile, and we also have a landline, because cell phone coverage can be questionable in the area. We want you to be able to phone out or take a call in the event of an emergency.


There are no cameras on the property. We value your privacy as much as we do our own. Likewise, if you have a famous name, that’s between us.

Our full kitchen

Church Services

The old Methodist church is a one-minute walk out of our front door, they have services every Sunday, and they welcome visitors of all denominations.

We’re just steps away from this entrance to Granville.

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Everything Else

If you have an urge to ride a horse in Granville on one of our trails, but don’t have a horse, that’s no problem. Check out our friends at and tell them we said hi.

If you want to rent a boat, anything from a kayak to a custom pontoon, we suggest Wildwood Resort.

Granville has some neat little shops and a very interesting local museum, though opening hours vary. Your best resource to learn about what’s currently going on in Granville, and what’s coming up, is at Historic Granville. There are a lot of festivals and events that take place in Granville, and you’ll be able to find a list of those at this website.